Thursday, April 2, 2009


I think as a little girl I took Ballet at the YMCA for one 'session' and then I took Tap for one 'session'... or I may have taken a combination of the two, but I wasn't really the dancer-type. I was a 'run around outside', 'climb trees', 'scrape knees', 'not often choosing to wear a dress' kind of girl. The things I remember most about the dance class was that the tap shoes always hurt my feet... and there was a yellow stripe on the floor... and I loved the sound the tap shoes made on the floor... "clicketty-click"... oh... and I wore the leotard for Halloween with some yellow duct tape around me in stripes - dressed as a bee! (I think my sister has those photos on her blog)
Taylor Anne putting on her shoes for class
Well, anyway - I hope Taylor Anne gets more out of her class than I did in mine... she has wanted to take ballet lessons since she visited with a friend of hers a few months before Christmas. Great Boo and Nick-Nick got her a new leotard for Christmas (purple with a pretty tutu attached) AND a few ballet lessons.
I decided to continue the lessons for the rest of the 'season' (after coming in half-way through) so she could perform with the rest of her class in KALEIDOSCOPE, the end of the year recital. We'll decide after that whether or not it's something she wants to sign up for next year. This week was parent observation week - and I was so excited to get to come into the studio and see what she's been practicing these last few months! Parents aren't allowed to watch the lessons, so I haven't seen much of anything so far, except for a few things at home. Unfortunately, Taylor Anne isn't able to wear her Christmas leotard to class - they're very strict that she wear a black tank leotard, certain pink tights, and certain shoes, oh - and her hair has to be pulled up. If these things aren't right, she can't attend class... supposedly. This 'ain't no YMCA class' - it's an Academy of Fine Arts! Girls ages 5-7 wear black leotards, 8-10 wear dk. Green, and then I don't know about older ones. In Taylor Anne's class there are three other girls with black leotards. She's the youngest, and smallest in her class, but she's doing really well!
At the beginning of each class, they sit in a circle and the teacher, Miss Mary Taylor, asks each girl what they had for breakfast that morning... the healthiest one is the 'winner' (no prize though). She then has a Q&A session where the girls can each ask her a question or tell her something about their day. They skipped the Q&A for parent observation, so we could get to the nitty-gritty and see some dancing!

Waiting for instructions at the barre.

I'm trying to upload a few videos - so you can see how well she does for one who has only been in the class a few months... all of the others have been in the class since the fall.

After doing the dancing, it was time for stretching - those poor girls! They really need to stretch their hamstrings! The teacher has them sit on the floor with their legs out, and pushes them down more... oooowww! She's trying to help them be more flexible.
I'm sure the recital will be wonderful!!!

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