Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beware of the wheelbarrow!

This is what happens when you drop a fully-loaded wheelbarrow on your foot.
It happened on Monday, and it hurt a lot. After my run this morning (I'm training for a triathlon!), and a shower (whew!) I looked at my foot closely - this is what I found: Even though it looks bad, it doesn't really hurt any more, lucky for me - I was afraid I had really done some damage, and I can't afford to have a broken/hurt foot right now! I've got to get into shape for the triathlon, and I need my foot to do that! I have added a widget to my sidebar where all of my workouts are added up for my daily/weekly/monthly mileage. It's pretty cool - I like to see the miles add up, although it's hard to get motivated sometimes!
I was filling my new raised beds when I dropped the wheelbarrow on my foot - I really want my family to eat more healthfully, and locally - my backyard is as local as I can get! My chickens will give me plenty of eggs, and the garden will hopefully give me plenty of veggies. I would like to try making sweet pickles this year, and canning lots of tomatoes for use in soups and spaghetti.
Since Spring has sprung around here, we're spending LOTS of time outdoors - here's Taylor Anne with our Frizzle, Silver. Silver is about 7 weeks old and so cute! We have to make sure to hold her and talk with her a lot so she'll be a sweet chicken to everyone. Of course we try to do this with all of them! The young chicks in the next couple of pictures are all ones that we hatched in an incubator - they're so cute! We hope that our neighbor would like to have them live in their backyard soon, otherwise they may end up living at Mike's parent's house.
Taylor Anne and 'Silver'

Our little 'farm' (Tee hee!) There is the fenced-in garden on the left, then the chicken coop and pen, then two raised beds for veggies... and the chicken ark with 7 week old chicks. You can click the picture to make it bigger.

Here's the bed that's been planted - there are bell peppers, sweet banana peppers, a tomato, and some beans (seeds). I also planted marigolds around the edges, and some nasturtium seeds. The other bed is still empty, but I will plant some beets and carrots, as well as some more tomatoes and zucchini in that one. We made some fences around the edges of both with bamboo, to keep the chickens out of the gardens... I hope the deer won't be a problem - but we'll wait and see on that one!

Here are my 'spring' veggies (planted kinda late) in the fenced garden. These are Collards and Romaine lettuce. I still need to pull some weeds, obviously!
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Val said...

Holy crap, batwoman! That's awful!

I hope you kicked the wheelbarrow's a*s for being so inconsiderate...
; )

Tipper said...

Your "farm" looks great!! OUCH for the foot-glad it doesn't hurt as much as it looks. I'm still jealous of your chickens-maybe someday!!