Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Fun!

The Easter Bunny Came!
After Easter baskets were checked out, we had breakfast - and headed off to church, then to Taylors, South Carolina to visit with the Pipan side of my family at Aunt Susan and Uncle Steve's house!
Here are Babci and DziaDzia (my paternal grandparents) hanging out on the deck
watching the kids play in the backyard.

After lunch, Aunt Susan had gotten TONS of Easter Eggs filled with candy and prizes, and ready for a hunt in her back yard. I think there were around 200 eggs hid...lots of marshmallow twists, and flower lollipops... all for the 4 youngest kids! Thank You Aunt Susan!!!
(2 more - Maddox and Karis were expected but couldn't make it - we missed them!)
Aunt Susan putting out eggs!

Can you find the egg...?

They weren't too hard to find for the 2 year-old kids... some required a little help!

Here come the kids - Scotty decided he didn't need to do the hunt, since he's SOOO old, but Kevin thought it would be fun!

Is it a hat? Or a helmet? Or an Easter bucket, Kev?

My cousin, Melanie's daughter, Valerie, thought, "I can do that too!"

Taylor Anne finds one hanging in a tree!

Anderson found so many, we didn't even bother counting!

Cousins playing on the swing!

The youngsters... Scott, Kevin, Anderson, Valerie, Taylor Anne in the obligatory 'cousins on the stairs' shot!
(Sorry, Scotty - This was the best one out of the 15 or so I took of all of you!)

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