Sunday, April 26, 2009

I've got something in my pocket...

This weekend was our Brownie Camporee!!! These girlies had a blast learning about archeology and having tons o'fun in the great outdoors. We even stayed two nights! The weather was wonderful! I can't show all of the pictures or give names, but here's our group, by the mess-kit line. Taylor Anne is the top left. You can click the picture to make it bigger.

I LOVE the girls in my troop - aren't they the cutest!!!!???

My daughter is definitely the outdoorsy type... She would love nothing more than to explore and collect caterpillars and toads and frogs all day. We learned a song this weekend that fits her to a "T"... I'm sorry I don't have a video of us singing it... but maybe you can figure it out... or ask a Girl Scout that you know to sing it for you... the tune is "Brownie Smile Song".
I've got something in my pocket,
that I found behind a log,
My leader said to put it back,
but I want to keep this frog.
It's cool and green and slimy,
and it wiggles in my hand,
I've also got a wooly worm
and a pocket full of sand!

Taylor Anne..... with a caterpillar...
...with a toad...
...with a fence swift.
And yes, if you were wondering.... I told her to put them back... we have enough pets, thank you.


Val said...

Great pics and great kids! She's gonna be a serious nature-lover!

Tipper said...

Looks like so much fun!! Taylor Anne is a lot like my girls-frogs, lizards-one time-baby mice.

Mollie B said...

Oh it is to the tune of the brownie smile song. I love it!!!