Friday, April 10, 2009

Zoo day!

We love our NC Zoo in Asheboro!

Yesterday the kids and I took a quick trip to visit... we saw lots of fun animals in their wonderful habitats... and climbed on lots of granite outcroppings. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them... I doubt I need captions, but if you have questions you can put them in the comments.

Taylor Anne read the map and told us where we were going to start!

My cutie-pie kidos
The Bateleur Eagles were just fed rats when we got to them! Yum!

This is the new Honey Bee Exhibit under construction!!! YAY!!!

Balance, Balance!

The new climbing structures in the KidsZone are great!

I got the kids lollipops on the way out of the Zoo, and Anderson fell asleep with his in his mouth! What a great road trip for a spring day!

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Tipper said...

You guys had a beautiful day to visit the Zoo-looks like lots of fun.

Hope your training is going well-I wish I'd be inspired to do a triathlon.