Friday, May 8, 2009

7 Years old!

My first baby... is now 7 years old!!! Taylor Anne posed for this picture on the morning of her birthday, before school... she's recently started letting me put french braids in her hair, and I love them!
She's growing up so fast! For her 7th birthday, Taylor Anne decided she would like to go camping with a small (per my restriction) group of girls. Well... that's not a hard request for me, and it wasn't expensive, so on the night of her birthday, that's what we did! It was a great trip!
Our campsite - on Falls Lake.
We had cupcakes and sang "Happy Birthday" and "Sto Lat" (we taught the guests the Polish birthday song) Taylor Anne loved it, and one of the girls said her family sings that song too! I was so excited to hear that!

The girls all had a great time exploring in the woods, swiming in the lake, and making S'mores. They even didn't seem to mind the little boy hanging around like he was one of them!
Here are the camp out girls:

All day at school and also after her birthday campout, Taylor Anne talked about wanting to have her ears pierced... then she decided she would wait... then she changed her mind again at about 7pm! So, we headed off to the Mall right then to have it done before she changed her mind again - she was great!

As we were waiting for her turn, she enjoyed looking at all of the great types of earrings - "Miss Lecza would love these!", she said!

When it was her turn, she got a double kiss for courage from Daddy and Anderson....

Then she sat in the chair... she was very brave! They did both ears at once, and she said it only hurt a little bit. She's so stoic.
She picked out some really pretty little flowers for her first pair! She will have to wear these, turning and cleaning them at least twice a day for the next 6-8 weeks!

She looks pretty grown up with the new earrings!
Happy Birthday to my sweet Taylor Anne!


LOP said...

My goodness, wasn't she just a baby girl yesterday?? I think she had the perfect birthday!!

Congrats on the earrings, Taylor Anne!! I love you!!


Jackie said...

Sounds like the perfect birthday celebration!

Val said...

Happy Birthday, Taylor Anne!!!
From John.

Em said...

Thank you, John! From, Taylor Anne

Tipper said...

I'm so glad Taylor Anne had a lovely B-day!! The braids are adorable-and tell her-she is so brave my girls are 12 and they are too chicken to have their ears done :)