Monday, May 18, 2009


I wonder if there's anyone out there in blogland who used to read my blog, but now don't because there's hardly any crafty stuff here???

I'm hoping to change that soon.

Lately my sewing room has been 'OUT OF ORDER' due to various chicks, little crowing roosters, and then tons of camping stuff taking over it. It needed a thorough cleaning before I could get anything crafty done in there, and frankly, I just haven't felt like tackling that room! Until now... I have cleaned the room out, and today I will get that sewing machine out and cleaned up - why?

Well... Check this out: I have been asked to test a pattern!!!! Woo hoo! This is a big thing for me! Lucy, who's blog I have read for a long time has made a pattern called "Neapolitan Skirt", and is going to let me test it out - such fun! Luckily, it looks like a pretty simple pattern, and I hope it is, because I need to get a few made before this Thursday, and give her some feedback about it! I'm really excited because it's a multi-size pattern for a fun REVERSIBLE skirt!

AS IF that wasn't motivation enough.... There's THIS GIVEAWAY going on soon too... I would love a chance (or a hundred) to win the super cool sewing machine Dana is giving away!!!
So - properly motivated, I am heading down to my sewing room... wish me luck!

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