Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our Tiny Dancer

Our little ballerina had her first (and quite possibly last) ballet recital this past weekend. It was both fun and stressful, and she did really great! It was really nice to have her grandparents, and Aunt Mary with Maddox, all at the performance, and we were all so proud of her! The photos are quite limited, as there were really strict rules about taking photos or video. We were not allowed to do either at the actual performance. The photo above is Taylor Anne waiting in the dressing room for her 'number'.

I did have to take her for the Dress Rehearsal the evening before her performance, and I managed to video most of her part. Unfortunately my camera makes a clicking noise when it focus', and it's quite annoying! Take a peek, and enjoy: (Taylor Anne is on the far left, in the back)

Taylor Anne REALLY REALLY wanted to take ballet, but her teacher is pretty strict and her class was made up of mostly older, more experienced girls, and we started halfway through the 'season'... She didn't feel confident, and every time I took her to class, she would groan. So - this may be the last 'dance' for the girl. She loves dancing, but not strictly ballet.

She says she would like to do Jazz instead. (what next?) It's so frustrating to try to find something she will LOVE. She did LOVE horseback riding... and before that, she did LOVE gymnastics... I wish we could have continued either one of those. Why are these activities so darn expensive (for such young children?)

Well, we'll see after this summer is over. We've enrolled her at the Boys and Girl's club, and they have a general 'dance' class there, which incorporates a lot of different types of dance, they also have basketball, soccer, swimming lessons, and art classes.
I think she'll enjoy being able to just hang out there.


Natalie said...

She looks lovely! Maria will not be in her recital (timing and $$$$) It does get expensive. Her teacher is great, but many of the moms get a bit hardcore, so I am kind of relieved not to be committed to the big event. I hope you can find a good fit for Taylor Anne, because when they love an activity it's so wonderful to see.

LOP said...

Emily, Taylor Anne is beautiful!! I hope it was overall a good experience for her- I think starting something when others start will make a difference, no matter what it is...Who knows what she will fall in love with at the boys and girls' club!!