Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Snippets of a very busy weekend!

My Aunt Betsy asked me to go on a road trip to visit her son Jeff, and his husband, Brian...
here are a few snippets:
Lunch at Friendlys - our first time eating there.
The GPS took us THROUGH Washington DC... for some reason... we got to see some sights including the Pentagon and The Washington and Lincoln Memorials.
Once we arrived in Kennet Square, PA - we were taken to dinner by Jeff and Brian! Pizza!!!

After Pizza, we set up our beds and got to sleep!

The kids played with dozens of cat toys while waiting for our hosts to wake up the next morning! Luckily there were TONS of cat toys to play with!

Once everyone was up, we headed over to Lancaster County, where there is a large population of Amish people.... it was very commercialized... I had to laugh at this store:

We also toured this spot, which surprisingly shared a parking lot with a Target store. (very commercialized area!)

We learned a lot about Amish folk, and I was really glad we went.
This is a typical boy's room, note the solid color fabrics on the quilt, and the hats. We learned all about the different clothing for different ages of boys and girls.
There were also several beautiful covered bridges in the area!

Here is a couple of Amish farmers baling hay with a team of horses and mules. There were a lot of people out working in their yards and fields.

Taylor Anne took a few minutes to talk to her daddy!

There were games of hide and seek...

Sometimes the seeker got distracted...

We visited Longwood Gardens - it's gorgeous! Check out those Alliums!

Jeff waves to me as I try to catch a picture of him!

The children's garden was lots of fun - there are tons of fountains to play in there!

We needed lemonade after visiting the conservatory.

Taylor Anne, Anderson, and Me in front of the Chimes tower at Longwood.

More fun fountains!

The fireworks show was delayed because of a thunderstorm... it still rained on us... and we huddled under a few blankets and tried to stick it out...

The fireworks were still really pretty... but then the lightning got pretty too...

Then it was time to go!
We had a great visit with Jeff and Brian, and I can't wait to go back!

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks like a fun road trip! I would love to visit AMish country, and those covered bridges look gorgeous.