Monday, June 22, 2009

Girl Scout Camp

It's official... summer camp season is here - and Taylor Anne is now old enough to go away to Girl Scout Camp! She is gone for the WHOLE WEEK to a session called Tinkering Tinkerbells... she's at a wonderful camp on a lake, great cabins, wonderful activities... She's one of the youngest girls there, and she has been really excited about it ever since we arranged for her to go. She even has one of her best buddies attending with her (in the same cabin too!!!) We packed everything into a duffel bag, her backpack, and her sleeping bag, and I know she has everything she needs, and she's been camping plenty of times... but still - I'm sitting here wondering if she's OK. I wonder if she's taken a shower or not... if she likes the food... if she's passed the swim test... gone canoeing yet... caught any toads, is she behaving herself???
She's going to do so many fun things! I remember loving Girl Scout Camp as a kid - I looked forward to it every year. We got to shoot arrows, ride horses, tie-dye shirts, drink bug juice, learn cool songs... etc. I know she'll learn so many things - about herself, about her friend, about new friends... I know she won't recognise that she's learned a lot of these things until many years later... I'm so excited that she has this wonderful experience available to her.

I also know she's having a blast - she's got a new cute haircut to make everything (showering/brushing) easier on her and she's got all of her outfits together for each day. We dropped her off yesterday... it's been more than 24 hours and I haven't heard from her (not that I expected to!). I know she's in good hands, and I know she's making memories that will last forever - that's why I sent her... but I think I'm going through a teeny tiny bit of empty-nest syndrome... or something like that... I can't imagine what it will be like when she goes off to college! Yikes! I'm not going to think about that today - I'll think about that tomorrow... (or not!)I just need to keep reminding myself of all of these things that I know, and not worry about the things I don't know... (for now!)

Anyway - my baby is away at camp... she's not a baby anymore I guess...

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