Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge is Great!

My Girl Scout troop earned enough money selling GS Cookies to pay for a troop trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC... we went this past weekend... Here are my cutie girls waiting to go in - Taylor Anne is on the right. We arrived on Sunday afternoon, ate lunch in the lobby, got the girls into their swimsuits, and then headed to the water park. I didn't get many pictures in the water park - the lighting wasn't very picture friendly in there.
At 8pm, the lodge has an animatronic show with squirrels, an owl, a raccoon, a boy, and a Native American girl. There are a few songs, and a cute story. After that show, Wiley Wolf comes out with his 'handler' and they read a story to the group, then each kid can give a hug or 'high paw' to Wiley - each of our girls went through that line, then we asked if our troop could have a picture with Wiley. They were very accommodating.
The girls in my room were asleep by 10pm, after such a busy day - and the next day was just as busy! We woke up, had a picnic breakfast, then hit the water park - HARD! I know I did the 6 stories of steps to the 'big' slides at least 10 times on Monday! Whew! The girls all had a great time both days, and all of them want to earn enough money to come back next year.
This is a RARE 'standing still' shot of Taylor Anne on Monday!

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