Friday, June 26, 2009


Taylor Anne is back from Girl Scout Camp!!! She survived!!!

She didn't get homesick... at all...

She had a wonderful time and wants to go back next year!!!

Taylor Anne made lots of new friends, and learned all about the fun of life at Girl Scout Camp. She said the food was great, the songs and games were fun, and she loved all of the crafts and meeting other girls. She didn't like the 'dirty' showers, and she didn't quite understand the concept of wearing socks with tennis shoes (lots of blisters!).

Taylor Anne said that she LOVED Camp - which is exactly what I was hoping for.

Taylor Anne and her friend, Zoe-they have been friends for 4 years

While Taylor Anne was gone at Camp, there were lots of busy bees working away at our house! My parents, Mike, and I transformed T.A.'s room by painting, rearranging furniture, cleaning, designing, and then building a new shelving system for all of her 'stuff'. It was a pretty serious undertaking - and it took all of us working diligently to get it done. We even recruited one of my Mom's childhood friends, who happened to be 'in town' visiting family, to come help out one day!

Check out Taylor Anne's new digs: (Two 'before' shots - then two 'after' shots)

"After" Shots:

I am so happy with the way the room turned out - it is wonderful! My Sister, Mary, found the bed set at a really great price - it's organic cotton bedding, and had the colors I was looking for when I thought about painting Taylor Anne's room. The AWESOME shelving unit is made to look 'built-in', and it has tons of storage space, divided out so things can be put away quickly and easily when it's time to clean up. Taylor Anne had talked about wanting a green room with a pink and yellow stripe on the walls... I thought it needed blue, and why not have a few polka-dots too? When we were done putting it all together I just kept thinking that it would be perfect for Taylor Anne - it has the greatest colors together, and I just thought she would love it when she got home. She had no idea that we were doing this - it was a total surprise to her!

Check out the video: (once it loads, skip ahead to 1:30 to see her walk in)

She now has to be dragged out of her room... I think she likes it.

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