Monday, July 20, 2009

Ketchup...err... catch-up....

We've been fairly busy around here... I can't remember a summer in the past when we've been so busy! We've had lots of guests, I've been training for a triathlon, and we've done a little bit of traveling... sometimes without our camera - so it's hard to report on everything!
Here's a quick post to catch up....
Visitors on July3rd:

John, Boyanna, and their kids Alex, Anna, and Anthony came for a visit after their stay at John's parent's house - The Langers and Millers also came over for a cookout and to see the fireworks - all of the kids had a great time together!

After all of the visitors left, we headed up to the lake house - Anderson loved blowing bubbles while we waited for Daddy to get the boat and truck ready...

But.... then we got a call from Mike, saying that the truck wouldn't work... after trying really hard to get the truck to work, we had to give up our fun trip to the lake for the 4th of July! Mike ended up driving us home, getting his work truck, then going back up to the lake and towing the boat and bronco back to the lake house. He did make it home in time to see the fireworks in Rolesville! They were great!

This past weekend, we went to visit my Sister, Mary and my neice, Maddox - they had moved from base housing to an off-base house in a great neighborhood. Mary's husband, Marshall, is deployed right now in Baghdad. We helped move the last few things (mainly a planter and veggie and herb plants) and helped clean up the old house, then hung out a bit and unpacked some things at the new place. The water main had broken, and had to be completely replaced, so there was a nice trench through the front yard when we got there!

I didn't take many pictures with MY camera while we were there - but I did get this one of Taylor Anne and one of the fish she caught in the creek that runs in front of the McIntyre's new house!

I am sure Mary will send me more pictures from our visit soon - she's a little busy right now! Maybe I'll have some more pictures soon, and since my sewing room has been sittle idle, maybe I could get to work on some of that stuff too?

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