Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I did it!

I finished my first (and it will NOT be my last) triathlon!!!! I had a really great time participating in the Ramblin' Rose Sprint Triathlon in Huntersville, NC... that's near Charlotte for those of you not from 'round here! It was a 250m swim, 9 mile bike, and 2 mile run. The morning started out kind of chilly and quite wet, but by the time the race was over, it was drier and just overcast. The sun came out for the awards ceremony, and it finally got warm.
Mike, Taylor Anne, and Anderson were a wonderful cheering squad for me! It was so nice to have them on the side of the course yelling "Go, Mama, Go!" and ringing their hot pink cowbells! Mike took some pictures, but due to our old, malfunctioning camera, many of them were not so great... Here are a few highlights:
Laurie and me getting ready to start swimming (Laurie let Mollie, Sarabeth, Rebecca, and me stay at her house about 2 miles away from the venue the night before)
Yes, Mike took a picture of my rear-end while I was doing a flip-turn.
Leaving for the Bike portion of the race - the sunglasses were NOT necessary that morning - it was drizzling, and I ended up taking them off soon after this picture was taken.
Finally, the run... not my strength for sure - I walked a lot, but decided to post a picture of me running... can you blame me?
This is at the finish line, there were a few ladies coming up quickly behind me - so I sprinted the last 40 feet or so to make sure they wouldn't pass me at the end!

My official stats were:
Place 452 out of 743;
swim 5:46 (rank 234),
bike 32:23 (rank 431),
run 22:16 (rank 477),
total time (including transition times T1 3:32, T2 2:43) 1:06:38.
Woooooooo Hoooooo!!!!

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