Sunday, December 6, 2009

Introducing MountainGale!

Although it was pretty chilly, we headed to the lake house to spend some time with my Dad after Thanksgiving. When we got to the lake house, there were whitecaps on the lake! We walked down to look at the water, but didn't spend a lot of time outside. The next morning was Dad's Birthday - Happy Birthday Gramps! The kids insisted on fishing even though the wind was blustery, and the temps were in the low 50s (windchill making it colder!) How could we resist a tiny bit of fishing?

Mouse Nanny, Hazel, and Ponder (Trailnames)

Also - here's a little snapshot of some nice folks I met in G'boro when boxing on the day after Thanksgiving - thanks Mouse Nanny for inviting me!

Now to the title of this post! MountainGale!
YES - there's another letterboxer in Wake Forest! My friend Gail has become interested in letterboxing, and since she was over here hanging out today, we made her a Signature stamp, and figured out a trail name for her. It's awesome! So much fun to have another friend I can letterbox with! Yay! Gail also carved another stamp - she's really getting the hang of it... Hopefully we'll go letterboxing soon and either plant a box, or find some!
Doesn't she look excited?


Sarabeth Hudson said...

testing out your comments for you!

Jenny said...

Hey Em! I hope your comments are working. Looks like you guys had fun at the lake house. It's UBER cold here (more than usual) so I'm sure it is chilly there. Take care!

Natalie said...

Came over from FB to check on the comments issue... so far so good.

Trailnames? Intriguing.

Natalie said...

It worked!