Friday, January 8, 2010

Back at it...

Wow... the holidays flew by! The kids left a note with the Milk and Cookies for Santa... (I may post other Christmas photos later)

I'm knitting again... it's relaxing... and I like feeling productive... I'm knitting a present - I am NOT saying for whom!

I'm also back in school. Last semester was hard... I took 17 credit hours (5 intense classes) - this semester I'm taking it kinda easy, only going with 8... I had originally planned to take 12, but one of the classes schedule was too hard to deal with, and I didn't actually NEED the class... so I decided to only take what I needed. My classes this semester are Health, Biology, and Ice Skating (PE)... I think it's kind-of silly for colleges to require a PE for transfer, but it will be fun!

The kids are also back in school after their winter break, and they're still getting used to the morning routine. I'm trying to get them up earlier in the morning to avoid the RUSH- RUSH-RUSH for breakfast, dressing, and grooming... we'll see how that goes.

I haven't had any chances to go letterboxing in a long while - the weather just isn't cooperating. I am not a 'Northerner' and I DO NOT like cold weather... anything under 50 degrees is too cold for me to choose to spend more than a short time outside. Recently here, the temperatures have stayed under that mark, so I've not wanted to spend much time outdoors. I have carved a few new stamps though, and I can't wait to get them out there so others can find them!

Girl Scouts is also back in full-swing! Tomorrow is the start of the Girl Scout Cookie sale for this year. It is so cold though, I can't imagine Taylor Anne wanting to go out selling cookies tomorrow! It will be a fun day either way, because the kick-off for the cookie sale is at a skating rink - and it will be fun to go rollerskating again!


Chickens in the Basement said...

Woohoo! We love girl scout cookies!

I went to Jerry's last week and got supplies to make a stamp but haven't put chisel to rubber yet. I'm with you on the "too cold" thing! I'm ready to go again when temps are above 50!


Tipper said...

Your knitting looks so pretty : ) Good to see you are all doing well. Seems like getting my girls back into the schedule of school was harder than usual after the holidays.