Monday, August 9, 2010

Day Three - On the Road again!

Day Three
Mike and I woke before dawn, transferred the two sleepyheads to the van, then packed up camp and left Warren Dunes Campground with our headlights off... so we wouldn't wake other campers. The place was packed with sleeping campers! We had to leave SOOOO early because we heard that morning traffic in Chicago can be a little difficult to maneuver and we didn't want to waste 3 hours sitting there when we had a 10 hour drive for the day (not counting traffic).

As the kids continued to snooze in the backseats, I took some photos of the "Ell" train as we drove through Chicago. You can see the sunrise reflecting off of the silver train cars. I was a little sad that the kids didn't get to see this part of the trip, but they needed to sleep... and we would have the chance on the way back home to see some of Chicago if we timed it all right. As it was, at this time of morning, there was absolutely no traffic congestion! It was really great!
Oh - here's a 'fly-by' picture of the Sears Tower... now it's apparently called the Willis Tower... I wonder if anyone will actually call it that?
I got a little knitting done while we were driving... aren't these little fishy washcloths cute?
Wisconsin Welcomed us... and we put the camera on the ground to get this photo... lovely gravel... it was a big sign.
I guess they have a penchant for big things in Wisconsin... here's a BIG cow we saw from the highway, and decided to stop... it was at a cheese place. We purchased some cheese...
...After hugging the cow.
We saw a sign for a Cranberry museum while driving through Wisconsin... (Wisconsin is a pretty big state when you drive diagonally through it!) I didn't know they grew cranberries there... we stopped for a visit, but the museum tour was too expensive - and we didn't want to stay long, so we just browsed in the gift shop. Mike tried a cranberry scone, and I got a tart... my tart was better than his scone!
The geography of Wisconsin was interesting... these rock formations were really cool...
We finally got to Minnesota!!!
Sylva was happy to 'meet' her friends again, and we had a blast hanging out on the playground behind Anna, Rick, and Sylva's house!
Sylva and Anderson are 2 months apart - they played well together!

The kids were really happy to be out of the car, able to relax and play for a while with a friend. They were super happy when we told them they would get to spend the next 3 nights with Sylva in Minnesota!

Day Four coming soon!

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melissa said...

oh i love chicago (i wasn't aware they had changed the name of the sears tower... i wonder when that happened?) and i love wisconsin too! did you get cheese curds at the giant cow store?

glad you made it to minnesota safely!