Sunday, August 8, 2010

Family Road Trip - Day One

This summer my family took it's first ever LONG road trip together! (it won't be our last!) Our destination point was my best friend, Anna's house in Minnesota. She lives there with her husband, Rick and daughter, Sylva. Recently, Anna's Mom also moved there to be closer to Anna, and Grandma Mercedes... who happens to live in a nursing home within walking distance of Anna's house! Cool, Huh? Anyway, I hadn't seen Anna for about 2 years, and I thought it was time to visit.

So - we had to drive, and we wanted to camp and visit friends or family on the way if possible... here's a round-up of the first day!

Barely on the road... and we had to make a pit stop to check our tires. All was well - and we got a bit of a photo-op near Pilot Mountain. Mike and I promised to make a trip there with the kids sometime in the near future. We haven't done many 'Mountain' trips.

Virginia welcomed us - and we got to ride through TUNNELS!!!!! This was a major highlight for the kids - driving UNDER a mountain is really cool!

Once we arrived in West Virginia, we visited the welcome center - Taylor Anne and Anderson got to pretend they were riding a motorcycle... funny! They had a cool art shop inside the Welcome Center, neat rocks, some cute animals carved out of COAL, and some pottery that was super expensive! We didn't purchase anything.

This is a cool moth we found resting on the sidewalk at a WV Rest stop. It was really cool - we moved it to a place where it wouldn't get stepped on.

We finally got to the campground where we had reserved a cabin. The cabin was not so nice (dirty, buggy, humid) so we decided we could pay a little extra for an 'upgrade' - air conditioned 2 room cabin with a private bathroom.
This is the swim area of the lake at the campground. We didn't swim.

Anderson and Taylor Anne enjoyed eating their S'mores! A great treat after riding all day in the car... the kids did so well riding - I was very proud of them!

Stay tuned... more Road Trip posts coming soon!


melissa said...

hooray! i love roadtrips and it looks like you guys are having a great time and doing it up right!
love the biker pictures - too too funny!

Sheri said...

I laughed so hard at the campground saga, that's about par for the course, isn't it? You just never know until you get there what it will be like! We just finished a six-week road trip and had all kinds of experiences but the vast majority of them were really good suprises!