Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family Road Trip - Day Six

Day Six - we woke up EARLY to get going toward the Chicago area. Most of our drive was 'backtracking' so we didn't make a lot of stops. We did stop at the Illinois Welcome Center...

And at one of the cool 'Oasis' Pit-stop kind of places on the Illinois Toll Road. We had seen them on the way up, but didn't want to stop... this time we needed to find something to eat, and suddenly an "Oasis" pops up! We got a bite to eat and watched the cars zooming underneath us on their own little road trips!

We got to Chicago earlier that we expected, and planned to drive down to the Aquarium, but then hit traffic! It was crazy! So we ended up having to go straight to John and Boyana's house. Once we got there, the kids had fun playing with some of the Norris' toys and their playset! Boyana was still at work, and hadn't picked up Anthony yet... Alex and Anna were in California visiting some family there... We played for a little while, then went shopping at a Meijer store - it was pretty cool... kinda like a WalMart, but a little pricier - although mostly the same stuff.
When we got back, Boyana and Anthony were home, and the kids played some more! Taylor Anne found a wig in Anna's Dress-up box. I think she looks VERY different with dark hair!

Anthony was really cute playing with Anderson and Taylor Anne. He was very nice to share all of his toys! We had a great dinner, then the kids all went to bed, followed shortly by all parents!
Coming soon... Day Seven!

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melissa said...

love the princess leia wig!

that's too bad about the chicago traffic - the shedd aquarium is a really fun place, but it looks like you all had a fun time playing outdoors instead!