Saturday, October 16, 2010

Monkey girl!

See that little orange dot in the middle of that Magnolia?

That's my daughter... She's about 30 feet up in the Magnolia in our backyard. I did not give her permission to climb the tree... I just came outside, and there she was. Hmm... I couldn't punish her - I nearly LIVED in a Magnolia tree when I was her age. My best friend, Jonathan, and I would climb the Henry's Magnolia tree all summer when we weren't riding bikes or playing in the woods behind our houses. Many interesting conversations occurred in that tree. I just told Taylor Anne to make sure to take her time and be careful. She's a happy little monkey!

Can you blame me for letting her?


Sarabeth Hudson said...

You know your daughter and if she is responsible enough or not for that! I trust your parenting! Now I have one that I may not allow to do that. Mostly because I believe he would think it would be great to see how far up he could get and then jump out to get down.

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

Um. Yea. We sooo need to get our kids together!