Friday, November 19, 2010

Holiday Wishes...

So, it's getting to be that time of year again, and I would like to avoid the frantic requests for lists from family members and friends. Here is a list of things Taylor Anne and Anderson would like for Christmas...

Generally for clothing:
Taylor Anne is in size 7 tops and 6x/7 pants (pants need to be slim or have adjustable waists) size 1 shoes
Anderson is in 4s for clothing (pants need to be adjustable waist) size 10 shoes

Taylor Anne is wishing for the following items:
Stained glass coloring book: "Animal Lights"
Qwirkle (game)
Gift card to Children's Place (at the mall - so she can go shopping for 'cute' clothes)
Earrings: not dangle ones - pearls, 'diamonds', colored gems (NO GOLD please - they irritate her ears)
Potholder loom kit (metal one please, with cotton loops)
Gel ant-farm kit (the lighted one would be cool)
Boots like these
Horse Ornaments
Archery set like this

Anderson would enjoy:
Magnetic Tangram Puzzles
Brainquest: Kindergarten
Leapster game cartridges appropriate for early readers (K-1): We already have I-Spy Challenger, Cars, Animal Genius, and The Incredibles.
More parts to his Quadrilla Marble set (easy to find on ebay,, or hearthsong)
Transformers (like these)

If you need other ideas, email me...


familyofmgms said...

Hey Em! Mom already got Anderson the Brainquest Kindergarten when we did some Christmas shopping before I left. So you can check that one off the list! :)

Em said...

Thanks, sis!