Monday, December 13, 2010

Made-by-me Monday

So, no - Santa wasn't made by me, but Anderson was! We went to the American Legion Hall's Pancake breakfast this morning, and Santa was there!!! Anderson was SO excited to see him. He ran right over to him, and I could just get a fuzzy picture of him leaping into Santa's arms! All of the 'mature' people in the room (the majority) said "Awwww" in unison. It was really cute! Santa got Anderson to stop squeezing his neck for a quick photo for me.

They had cute pancakes too, stockings, bells, and snowmen for the kids! The pancakes were pretty good, and the kids enjoyed them.

Ok, I'm just trying to be cute... "Made-by-me Monday"... but I wonder if I could keep it up... something made by me on the blog each Monday??? Hmm... we'll see!

Here are my latest creations: For baby Avery! (My cousin's new baby)

I haven't figured out which buttons to use for the vest yet... soon. I hope they fit her!

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