Thursday, December 30, 2010

On it's way...

I found it - the fabric I need to complete the quilt without it looking way too random!

Of course I could have found another fabric that would have coordinated, but for only two more blocks? I drove all around Raleigh to Joanns, Hancocks, Carolina Sew-n-vac, Mill Outlet Village, Bernina world of sewing, WalMart (yes, ours has fabric) and Quilts like Crazy looking for even a bit of this fabric. Someone at the Bernina place told me about "Missing" so I planned to look for it there and post an ad to see if anyone had it and could sell some to me... but then a salesperson at Mill Outlet Village pointed me to "Quilt" - she said I could put in what info I had about the fabric and their search engine would look in over 200 online quilt shop inventory lists online and spit out who had what, with pictures! Well... I searched using a few different terms, and finally found it offered at only one shop in California. It took me about 15 minutes! I ordered some, and hope to see it within a few days!
I'm so excited to have found the fabric I needed!

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Natalie said...

The world is so big and complex, and yet we have these tools that make improbable things happen. Fantastic.
I am curious to know which California quilt shop had this in stock.