Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow again?

This is my house... no wait - my parent's house! (Wonder when I'll be able to let go of it?) Gorgeous in the snow, isn't it? We were at my parent's house for Christmas morning, hung out for a while, then visited with my grandparents, Great Boo and Nick-Nick, for the afternoon. Great Boo slept most of our visit, but we had fun hanging out with Nick-Nick, Aunt Betsy, Uncle Fred, and Aunt Kathy. Anderson was a social butterfly and we had a hard time getting him to leave the ladies at Abbotswood after social hour. It started snowing at around noon, was coming down still when we left, and continued until about 9 the next morning! We were planning to go straight home the morning after Christmas, but the almost 6 inches of snow made us delay those plans. We had to let the kids play a little, and we weren't sure we would be able to make it home because the storm was dumping more snow on our area of the state!

Mom and I bundled up the kids as well as we could with what we had. I wonder if I should invest in some snow suits... we don't usually need anything like that around here, but this is the 5th time this season my kids have seen snow!

The kids decided to try the sled on the driveway first. It's a nice slope, and there was plenty of snow to try it out. My dad was already clearing the top part of the driveway with the snow-sweeper. I didn't even know he had one!

Taylor Anne was thrilled to get out in the snow!

After a few runs down the driveway, Mike took the kids down to the park to try out those slopes.
I didn't go down to the park with them, didn't have the correct footwear or 'gear'. I prefer to enjoy the snow from inside the windows.

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