Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yum Yums... best hot dogs...

Have you ever had a memory so complete you could smell, hear, taste and feel where you were? I had the chance to reunite with a memory recently at Yum-Yums. Yum Yums is a hot dog place in Greensboro, NC. It's actually just "Yum Yum". And it's known for it's ice cream just as much as the fragrant red hot dogs. It's location right on the edge of UNCG's campus is probably it's saving grace. We used to go often when I was a kid, usually on Thursday nights because that was 'payday'. We were visiting with my parents last Saturday (we had to deliver some Girl Scout cookies to them) and I got a bit of a craving for Yum Yums.
Anderson reeling in his bait.

In that instant, I could smell the conglomeration of the hot dogs boiling, buns steaming, chili simmering and the Cole slaw chilling behind the counter... I could hear the fan droning as it vented the warm air from the kitchen area, the murmur of dozens of conversations going on amidst clinking of glass bottles and the customer giving orders for 2 all the way, 4 ketchup only, and 3 Cheerwines in glass... (they didn't have to say 'what' was 'all the way' or 'ketchup only.') I could feel the cool fiberglass seat of the old-timey booth, and the hard brown tile under my feet, which would be cold if I were wearing flip flops that day... I could even taste the unique flavor of the soft bun wrapped around the pinkish-red hot dog which would have had ketchup only when I was a kid, but now would have Cole slaw added so it would have a little crunch. The crunch of the slaw and soft bun with the meaty hot dog and a little sweetness from the ketchup... heaven.
The kids loved the playground near the fishing spot.

So, I asked my mom if Yum Yums was open, she said it was, and we decided to go for lunch. The kids were happy to go and we all piled into the minivan. Holy cow - there were a TON of people there! I don't think I had ever been on a Saturday during lunch time! It was PACKED like a sardine can. Mom and I took our group's order and waited our turn in line. Dad, Mike, and the kids waited outside, and reserved a spot to eat out front. It was a little cool, but the flavors and experience sitting there with my family made it wonderful anyway! The hot dogs were just what my memory expected, and what my taste buds wanted. It was great! My kids loved their hot dogs too, and I hope to take them again when it's not so busy...
Taylor Anne and Dawson, buddies since birth!

I didn't have my camera, so I don't have any pictures of our trip to Yum Yums, but we went fishing the next day with some friends, so these are a few snapshots of the kids fishing.

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