Saturday, November 19, 2011


Yes - we're busy. Here's some of what we've been up to lately (in no particular order):

Anderson completed his first soccer season with CASL. He had a lot of fun and really enjoyed talking with the coach and scoring goals!

Anderson is all about action! (is anyone surprised?)

Taylor Anne has enjoyed riding Maddie, and is now cantering and going over her first vertical jumps. She loves riding and really wishes she had a horse of her own so she could ride more than once a week. (maybe in a few years...)

We got to see the TIV2 (Tornado Intercept Vehicle 2) at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. It was awesome, although a very cold day. We also met two stars from the show "Storm Chasers" and got to see a 3D Tornado movie!
Taylor Anne and Anderson with Sean Casey, the movie maker!

Taylor Anne as Princess Leia, Anderson as Bumblebee

I have been very busy at school with this group of 1st and 2nd graders. They're a handful and a half! It's fun though - on this day, we were on a field trip, visiting the NC Museum of History.

My co-leader and I co-directed the Junior Camporee this year - whew! Talk about a lot of intricate details and planning time involved!!! The weekend went well, and Taylor Anne got to climb the Alpine Tower at Camp Mary Atkinson! I was so proud of her and also surprised - she climbed all the way to the top and blew bubbles at 55 feet in the air!

Our Girl Scout Juniors also have been tent camping and hiking this fall near Falls Lake.

I'm still taking classes toward my Elementary Education degree at ECU. That, plus all of this other stuff has kept our entire household very busy these last few months.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I will try to update things when I can!

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