Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas prep 2011

Whew! Winter Break time!!!

Before we're allowed out on winter break, the kids have presentations in their classrooms - Taylor Anne had Science and Social Studies research projects to show off, and Anderson's classroom sang some songs in Spanish for their parents. His classroom is a Spanish immersion class, so the kids know quite a bit of Spanish by this point in the year. (click on the pictures to see them bigger)

After the cute presentations were over, we were able to finally do some relaxing around here. I finished up my fall semester at ECU with all A's (4.0 baby!) and I'm so glad those classes are over! This has been the most frustrating semester taking online classes yet. I have a few weeks before the spring semester starts, so maybe I'll get to read a book or two... or maybe I'll get to do some knitting... or clean the house! We had our 'Cookie Day' this past Saturday. It was fun as always, and we made a good pile of cookies!
Taylor Anne has been able to have her riding lessons during the day (yay!)! It's so much nicer to be able to see her clearly while she's riding, and not have it so darn cold. I think she doesn't really care, but I like having her lessons during the day also because it makes it easier to get pictures! Check out this little horse rider:

Anderson hasn't been doing any extra-curricular activities since soccer ended, but he's enjoying the break too. He has 'slept in' past 8am every day this week! He's also gotten very creative and has decided to make use of the toilet paper tubes we have saved to make crafts of his own design. He surprised Mike and me one evening last week by walking into the living room with the cutest little animal-looking thing he had made with scrap paper and the stapler. He asked for a hole puncher to make it into an ornament for our sparsely decorated tree (our cats have been climbing it, so we didn't dare decorate it!). It is a reindeer, and has now made one (or a similar animal) for almost everyone on our list. He has also wrapped and labeled all of them himself.

I ran across the cutest paper ornament idea, and have enlisted Mike to help cut out the designs so we can give them along with some of our gifts. I'm thinking they would be cute in multiple colors, this was the first prototype. What do you think? Click here for the link!This is the first year I think I'm ready several days before Christmas. I am always rushing and rushing to get those final few presents... this year I think I'm really 'done'. I feel that some of this is due to the fact that I have a new 'smart' phone - and it has a great app called "List Master". I can create lists and check things off as I get them - it's wonderful for someone like me who will think of something, but then forget it if I don't write it down... and if I DO write it down, sometimes I lose the piece of paper! (I'm sure no one else has this problem...) Having the list on my phone is VERY helpful!

Happy Holidays, blog readers!
I hope you're all having a great holiday season this year!


adrienne_sakura said...

ooo i love that ornament. you have to tell me house to make it. i have been to lax on finding cute Christmas craft ideas. too busy i guess... :)

Anonymous said...

happy holidays to you and your lovely family!

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