Friday, February 14, 2014

More snow days!

We got a bunch of snow here in NC this week. At least, it was a bunch by NC standards! After losing several days of school two weeks ago, we again lost 3 days of school this past week. This time I decided I would walk the kids down to the park in our neighborhood. There is a good big hill there without many trees to worry about running into, and a few smaller steep hills to play on too. I actually went down a few times myself! It was fun!

Anderson and Taylor Anne had to share one sled, as our other sled is now broken after a bunch of hard sledding two weeks ago. 

The kids actually went down together once or twice!

Anderson said he could do snowboarding - it was soo easy. 

I love how his tongue is sticking out - concentration!

He did very well - he's got great balance.

Taylor Anne decided to give it a try, too. She did great! 

Make your own caption for this photo... I think body language says a lot here! Ha!

Anderson loved eating as much snow as he could! He also didn't seem to mind (at the time) that he was getting completely soaked. 

My sweet girly!

She liked to eat the snow, too!
While we were sledding, the snow came down pretty hard - we got about another inch of fluffy snow on top of what we already had (about 4 inches of snow and 1.5 inches of sleet)

The fresh snow was the best!

Happy Boy!

I love my LLBean All weather Mocs... I've had these for more than 10 years - they're waterproof and warm! They've also got great traction! 

At the bottom of this little hill, it had gotten really slushy - it had rained a bit that morning, before turning over to snow again.

The small hill.

We found some friends at the park - Taylor Anne's trainer lives in our neighborhood, and she had brought her daughter out to sled, too! We had some fun sledding with them and had a little snowball fight!
The boy couldn't stay OUT of the snow!

Missy and Kevin were serious about their snowball fighting strategies!

The fun continued as we stomped in the slushy snow on the way home. 

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