Monday, May 25, 2015

Silliness and Sadness

We will all miss you, Mike!

Death is not friendly. Death doesn't joke around. Death doesn't discriminate between those who deserve it and those who don't. Everyone dies, it is what it is. Sometimes a person is ready, sometimes a person is surprised by it.

Those left behind think about the things they'll miss, the changes to their own lives that will soon take place, and the lasting effects of the loss they have sustained.
Families and friends gather together. They enjoy each other's company and hope to help each other feel better or make sense of what happened. There is no making sense of it though, there is just dealing with it. 

We use each other to deal with our feelings, and it helps. It helps us remember that although someone we care about is gone, someone we planned on having conversations with is no longer there, we still have others to be with. Others that count on our conversations, our hugs, and our smiles. 

We hold them close in our hearts.

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