Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I've posted before about my dream home. The previous posts (here and here) were in response to "tags" from other bloggers, but I've seriously been thinking about dreams lately.

Not the kinds of dreams you have while you're asleep, but the things you dream about for "someday." Why do some people seem to be living their dreams, and others just keep dreaming and hope they can achieve that dream some time in the future?

I think it is because some people just jump in - they have a dream, make a plan, and execute it. They take off with their dream and make it work, come what may.

I been really feeling this pull lately. I have three friends who have currently decided to make their dreams reality now, instead of just waiting for "someday."

One of these friends loves travel, and has what we all like to call "wanderlust." She is leaving the country in a few short weeks to work in the Middle East helping to improve their school systems. She will live alone, wear special clothing to respect the culture of her host country, and work with many people who have a native language different from hers. She is jumping in with both feet, is probably a little scared and very excited, and she knows she will have to just make it work. She feels this is her "purpose" right now.

Another of my friends had a dream of living in the mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of city and town living. This past weekend, we helped her family move to some acreage on the side of a mountain in rural Virginia. Their rent is less than their house payment was, and they will be living more simply. Luckily, she has a telecommuting job that allows her to live almost anywhere with a phone and internet access. She's so excited to live with less "drama" and space to let the dogs run.

The third friend has had a rough couple of years. She is divorced, has a grown son, and a daughter in middle school. They've been through some serious health challenges, and come through it all on top and with great attitudes. She has always wanted to live at the beach, and applied for jobs there. Her boyfriend supported her wishes and dreams, and can work almost anywhere. She accepted a new position on the coast, and in about 2 weeks they will be moving into a rental home next to the ocean. She said to me a few months ago, "Emily, live your dream now. Don't put it off, life is just too short."

Of course for each of these people, following their dreams took planning. It will take hard work to transition to their new life. They will have challenges of new schools for their kids, or an entirely new culture to get used to. They will make it work because it is their dream and they're following it.

I think it is my turn.  Remember when I wanted to have back yard chickens? Well, I want this just as badly.

I want to seriously start working toward MY dreams. My "homestead in the country" dream. Not too far away, but not too close to others, either. A place for us to stretch and grow.

I hope "the gang" is ready for this.

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