Thursday, June 22, 2017

Adventures Await Em and The Gang!!!

We bought a camper!

We also bought a truck with which to tow the camper on our journeys. We plan to use it for travelling to horse shows, and adventures anywhere we can drive. I have decided to fire up the old blog again in order to make it easier to document our journeys. I hope you'll enjoy reading all about our gang's new adventures. Here are some snapshots of the new-to-us camper. 

We have taken it on a test run at my parents' house and had a few learning curve issues already! I have been busy learning new lingo having to do with generators, landing legs, motors, black water, gray water, and fresh water. There is a lot to learn and we already have a list of repairs to make (we purchased the camper used, after all). Feel free to share your knowledge with us as we are definitely newbies! 
Adventures await!!

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