Saturday, October 28, 2017

Another project??? Hazel Gets a New Roof!

Hazel sprung a leak, and we checked out the whole roof. It was 11 years old, so we decided to go ahead and look into getting a new EPDM rubber coating applied. We called some repair shops, and watched a bunch of YouTube videos on "How to resurface your RV roof." Since we're fairly handy folks, and we're also fairly frugal, we decided to go ahead and do it ourselves.

We researched a few different products and decided on the ProGuard Liquid Roof EPDM coating. It seemed like the most economical and effective product we could get. Mike ordered it online and we brought Hazel to the Cole's house. They were out of town for the month, and have a driveway we could park Hazel in for the project. (Em also used this time to paint the kitchen cabinets, but that's another story!)

Here's Mike's work - he did an excellent job! We now have a leak-free, nearly brand-new roof on our camper!

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