Saturday, October 7, 2017

Is this a money pit???

Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by our blog. I haven't been keeping up with it as much as I should because... well... life. Since Mike and I both work full-time, we don't have as much time as we would like to spend on our hobbies.

When we purchased our 5th wheel camper this spring, we knew it might need a few repairs. We decided it was definitely worth it, though as both of us are handy enough to handle most things that might come up. We took our camper up to my parent's house and stayed there for a weekend without hooking up to anything except electricity. It was really awesome! It was a fun time and we enjoyed being able to spend time getting to know the camper and how it works without feeling stranded if something went wrong.

Well, it turns out that something did go wrong. When we wanted to put the landing legs down, one of them wouldn't go down, and we heard a "thump-thump-thump" sound coming from inside the storage compartment. (NOT GOOD)The bar that goes across from the motor to the leg on the other side of the camper had sheared off somehow.

We couldn't fix it right at that moment, as we didn't have a replacement pin to put in, so we just made do, and made note of that impending repair.

Our set-up went along normally after that and we had a great day at the lake visiting with family. There was a lot of rain that night, and storms rolled through, but all was well in the camper. We had hooked up to our generator and everything seemed fine as we went to bed, but in the middle of the night, the power went out. The generator was still running, but the air conditioner and some lights turned off. That was weird to us. We thought maybe the connections had gotten wet and tripped a breaker in the camper.
We took a look in the morning and still couldn't figure it out, but then again - all of this was new to us. We ended up hooking up to the house power and everything was fine after that. (We figured out later that the battery power inverter hadn't been working so everything that ran off of battery power had drained the battery and then turned off. Since the air conditioner controller runs off of the battery, it had turned off which then turned off the AC! UGH!)

Anyway, when we packed up to leave, we had some trouble getting the kitchen slide to go all the way in. At this point, we were so frustrated - it seemed as if we had purchased a money pit!! The kitchen slide would go in part way, then just stop. The motor was still trying, but the slide wouldn't budge. We ended up having to push it in so we could head home.

So, as of the 1st month owning the camper we have:

  • Landing Leg repair
  • Power inverter troubleshooting
  • Kitchen Slide repair
I just keep thinking, "Is this a money pit???"

Stay tuned for our blogs about the repairs! 

If you're interested in the vlog we're doing about these issues:

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