Sunday, October 8, 2017

Kitchen Slide Repair

Once we got the camper back home, Mike and Anderson were able to take the skirting off underneath the camper. They figured out that the slide could be manually moved in and out, but who wants to crawl under there and do it every time? They inspected the mechanics and determined that the issue was in the gearbox. Anderson helped Mike a lot and learned quite a bit about mechanical engineering. 

We all thought the sticker below was pretty funny, given that we had done some research at this point and found that a good number of Sunny Brook campers have had slide issues. We did end up calling the company to order a new part for the slide. The people at Barker Manufacturing were helpful and nice on the phone. Mike determined that both the main gear and the worm gear inside the gearbox were messed up and he could replace them himself.

Click here if you would like to see the video of the diagnosis:

Once the parts finally came in, Mike had some trouble getting the main gear out of the box. It required some real force and a special tool, so Mike's friend, Scott helped out with that. Mike was able to then get the new gears installed and put the gearbox back together. 

We made an entire episode on Mike fixing the gearbox and reinstalling it (I realize that the thumbnail picture is the same!):

Thank goodness he was able to get that fixed - we had a horse show to go to the following weekend! 

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