Monday, December 18, 2017

Adventures from our Kitchen

Caramel Croissant Dessert

Thank you to Dave from Yorkshire Dad for sharing this recipe with the world via Instagram. Check him out at Yorkshiredadof4 on Instagram or here on YouTube.

As I perused Instagram Tuesday afternoon, I came upon an old post from the weekend. It was a photo one of my "vlogging friends" had posted of a dessert he made for his family.

It looked like a crispy golden sparkling dish of deliciousness and I knew I needed to try it! I commented, "Recipe, please!" to which he quickly typed up a reply and sent along to the masses. It was basically a bread pudding, but with a homemade caramel and bourbon. I was a little apprehensive, since bread puddings aren't my favorite usually, and I've never made one in my life, but the golden crispy-crunchiness of the top crust kept calling. I decided to try the recipe right then and there. I knew my ADHD wouldn't have brought me back around to trying it later.

I gathered my ingredients, made the translations from British to American, and called my husband to pick up some croissants on the way home. He was intrigued when I told him why I needed them. His mom is from Minnesota, and apparently bread puddings are a big thing out there. (I'm from NC, and not that familiar with them)

Once I had everything ready, it wasn't much to manage:
-tear up the croissants
-make the caramelly souffle base and pour it on (I chose a vanilla Jim Beam for the bourbon. Vanilla goes in almost everything, right?)
-top with some coarse brown sugar and bake

The scents which wafted around while making this were so delicious, I knew it was going to be at least "Okay." When the final product came out of the oven, it was perfectly amber and smelled like heaven. We all had a hard time waiting for it to cool before we could spoon it into bowls to try.

It was crispy-crunchy, so rich and sweet, and definitely delicious. The top had the crunch from the toasted croissants and the coarse sugar, and the bottom was a soft, rich buttery-bourbon blend with the caramel coming through, as a more of a hint than a slurry.

A new kind of adventure for Em and the Gang ... adventuring with food! Adventures await!

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