Monday, December 18, 2017

Hanging Rock State Park

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In this episode, we leave our weekend base of Beechnut Family Campground and head to Hanging Rock State Park.

We drive around the town of Mount Airy, where Andy Griffith based his idea for the town of Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show. We even see one of the old police cars from the show!

We enjoy hiking the trail up to the summit and drink in the fantastic views from the top of Hanging Rock. We can see Moore's Knob and much of the town of Westfield below us. There's a creepy Halloween decoration someone has left up there, which is a little surprising. Taylor Anne gets artsy with her photo poses, Mike decides to practice a little photobombing, and Em finds some really neat moss.

One thing we noticed other trekkers had were these great poles - Em definitely wants a pair next time we do major hiking!

Anderson gets to wade in the pool at the bottom of Lower Cascade Falls, but it is too chilly for swimming. We had a wonderful start to our day, and it was jam packed! Look for the hint of things to come at the end of this video!

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